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SPRING 2015 UCHI Fellow’s Public Talks  – 4:00-5:30pm


February 5, 2015                            Rachel Greenblatt

“A Beautiful and Costly Procession”:  Jewish Quest for Cultural Belonging in Frankfurt and Prague (c. 1680 – 1750).   

February 12, 2015                          Christina Henderson

“’On the Threshold of Woman’s Era’”: Rebuilding the Future at a World’s Fair.

February 19, 2015                          Martha Cutter

“The Illustrated Slave:  Antislavery Books and the Graphic Culture of the Transatlantic Abolition Movement, 1820-1852.”

February 26, 2015                          Frank Costigliola

“’My Russian Self’: The Frustrated Passions of George F. Kennan.”

March 5, 2015                                  Gordon Fraser  

“Nations in Revolution: Hawaiian Literature, Political Violence, and U.S. Imperial Desire.”      

March 12, 2015                                Beata Moskal

“Linguistic universals and where they come from.”

March 26, 2015                                Lucía Santana   

“Representing Spanishness in 1940s Argentina: The Republican and Galician Exiles.”

April 2, 2015                                     Jeffrey Dudas  

“Regeneration through Rights: Law, Family, and the Making of Modern American Conservatism.”             

April 14, 2015                                   Fiona Somerset

“Silence and the Truth-teller: A medieval theory of consent and its implications.”                        

April 23, 2015                                  Joseph McAlhany

 “‘Monuments of Unageing Intellect’: An Ancient Scholar’s Life in Letters.”

April 29, 2015                                     Fakhreddin Azimi  

From promoter of religion to “protector of the nation” Mapping the emergence of Khomeini.”

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UCHI 2014

SPRING 2014 – UCHI Fellow’s Public Talks