UCHI is pleased to announce that the CLAS Book Support Committee continues to provide support for book-length publications, with funding from the Provost’s Office, the Research Foundation, and the CLAS Dean’s Office.

Funds provided by the committee provide support for the production of book-length scholarship by UConn tenured, tenure-track, and in-residence faculty and published by professional presses. It aims to ensure that books of significant scholarly value by University of Connecticut CLAS faculty can be published regardless of market value. This money is provided for the expenses that arise from the final stage of publishing and thus do not fund research or travel expenses. Funds provided by the Committee most often support a publisher-required subvention, but with special justification they may support other requirements, e.g., fees associated with the rights for use of copyrighted material. Faculty should seek research and travel support from their departments, the Institutes, and the Scholarship Facilitation Fund.

The CLAS Book Support Committee ordinarily limits awards to a $2,000. The money will be paid DIRECTLY TO THE PRESS/PUBLISHER, not the scholar. Textbooks are not eligible. Editors of collections can apply for funding.

There are no deadlines for applications. Proposals will be considered on a rolling basis, with responses provided to applicants in about four weeks. Faculty members who wish to apply for funds should submit the following information:

  • 1-2 page cover letter that includes a) the scholarly importance of the manuscript, b) reasons for the subvention and c) the amount of support requested.
  • 1-2 page C.V.
  • Letter from the professional press offering the contract and seeking the subvention. (Note: letter must explicitly state that a contract is in place, an estimated publication date, and the subvention request.)
  • If the subventions costs cannot be covered by the $2000 CLAS Book Fund support, please explain what other support monies can be accessed.

Send above materials as ONE pdf to the Committee chair,

The committee is, Associate Director, Humanities Institute (Chair); Kent Holsinger, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Dean of the Graduate School; and Gustavo Nanclares, Associate Professor of Spanish, Head of Literatures, Cultures and Languages.