Conference Funding

UCHI Conference Support

UCHI supports scholarly, interdisciplinary conferences on campus by means of subventions up to $4,000 in a single fiscal year and through administrative assistance; amount of funding depends on the size and program for the conference.

No award will be made without a written proposal and projected budget.

Email your proposal to or download a printable application (Adobe PDF or Word document) and mail directly to the Institute. UCHI will promptly address each proposal.

Sponsors are required to submit a statement to the UCHI Director after the conference acknowledging the completion of the commitment.


Recent Conference Funding Support

“Human and Non-Human Animals: Mind and Morals”
Dorit Bar-On, Philosophy
“Who Deserves a Healthy Life? How Implicit ‘Deservingness Assessments’ Can Impact Efforts to Tackle Health Inequities.”
Sarah Willen, Anthropology
“Borderlands: A Critical Graduate Symposium”
Christina Sneed, LCL
“Conference on the Teaching of Writing”
Oliver Hiob, English
“The Global Café”
Nancy Parent, Anthropology, Avery Point
“Women and Girls of Color Workshop”
Amanda Cannada, Africana Studies