Colloquia Funding

UCHI Colloquia/Seminar Speaker Support

UCHI encourages departments and faculty wishing to bring colloquia and seminar speakers to campus to seek funding support. These funds can be combined with departmental or other funds to support speaker travel and other fees.

Email your proposal to or download a printable application (Adobe PDF or Word document) and mail directly to the Institute. UCHI will promptly address each proposal.


Examples of UCHI Colloquia Funding Support

“Stanwyck Cromwell Exhibition,” Benton Museum
Fiona Vernal, History
“Joseph DeLappe Lecture”
Kelly Dennis, Art and Art History
“Visit by Professor Jürgen Wertheimer”
Sebastian Wogenstein, LCL
“Visit by writer Carmen-Francesca Banciu”
Carlos Gardeazabal Bravo, LCL
“Professor Simon Trujillo Visit and Lecture”
Jason Oliver Chang, Asian and American Studies, El Instituto