Past Fellows –

Robert T. Chase History Stony Brook University “Civil Rights on the Cell Block: Prisoners’ Rights Movements and the Construction of Carceral States, 1945-1995”
Leo J. Garofalo History Connecticut College “Forging a Place in the Spanish Empire: Black European Sailors, Soldiers, and Traders to the Americas”
Anna Mae Duane English UConn “Strange Place Blues: The Unusual Education of Three African American Leaders”
Mark Healey English UConn “Waterscapes of Power in the Dry Lands of Argentina, 1880-2000”
Daniel Hershenzon Literatures, Cultures & Languages UConn  “Captivity, Commerce, and Communication: Early Modern Spain and the Mediterranean”
Daniel Silvermint Philosophy and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program  UConn “Complicit Identities: The Ethics of Looking Out for Yourself”
Christine Sylvester Political Science and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program  UConn “Objects of War: Whose Wars Are on View?"
Dimitris Xygalatas  Anthropology UConn  “Homo Ritualis. Extreme Rituals as Social Technologies”
Jeffrey R. Egan  History  UConn  “Watershed Decisions: The Environmental History of the Quabbin Reservoir, 1880-1940”
Melanie Meinzer  Political Science  UConn  “Contested Consciousness: Foreign Aid and Palestinian Education in the West Bank and Jordan”
George Moore English  UConn  “The Return of Dagon: Failed Iconoclasm in Early Modern English Literature”
Fabiana Viglione Literatures, Cultures & Languages  UConn  “The sale of Parga in the Nationalist Imaginary of 19th Century Italy: 1819-1858”


Peter Constantine (Ph.D.) Literatures, Cultures & Languages Independent Scholar “Translation and annotation of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s autobiography Between the Millstones”
Joshua Schechter (Ph.D.) Philosophy Brown University “Reasoning and Rationality: The Epistemology of our Most Basic Patterns of Inference”
César Abadía-Barrero (Ph.D.) Anthropology UConn “Health Ruins: From Post-Colonial to Post Neoliberal ‘Medical Care’ in Columbia”
Susan Einbinder (Ph.D.) Literatures, Cultures & Languages UConn “Eleh Ezkerah: Trauma and Medieval Jewish Literature”
Hassanaly Ladha (Ph.D.) Literatures, Cultures & Languages UConn “The Idea of Africa: Hegel, Architecture, and the Political Subject”
Diane Lillo-Martin (Ph.D.) Linguistics UConn “Sign Language Acquisition: Archiving and Sharing”
Natalie Munro (Ph.D.) Anthropology UConn “A 30,000 year history of human foraging and farming in the Aegean: the view from Franchthi Cave, Greece”
Brad Simpson (Ph.D.) History UConn “The First Right: Self Determination and the Transformation of International Politics”
Peter Zarrow (Ph.D.)
History UConn “The Utopian Impulse in Modern Chinese Political Thought, 1890-1940”
Joanna A. MacGugan (cand. Phil) English UConn “Competing authorities and contested spaces: Dying in Dublin in the reign of Edward I”
Christiana Salah (cand. Phil) English UConn “The Popular Invention of the Victorian Governess, 1815-2015”
Hilary Bogert-Winkler (cand. Phil) History UConn “Prayerful Protest and Clandestine Conformity: Alternative Liturgies and the Book of Common Prayer in Interregnum England”
Allison B. Horrocks (cand. Phil) History UConn “The Family and the Home as the Nursery of Humanity”: Flemmie Kittrell and the International Politics of Home Economics”
Rachel L. Greenblatt (Ph.D.) History Harvard University "A Beautiful and Costly Procession": Jewish Street in Imperial Celebration -- Prague and Frankfurt Festivities on the Birth of a Habsburg Crown Prince (1716)
Joseph McAlhany (Ph.D.) Classics Carthage College "Collected fragments of M. Terentius Varro, text & translation, with accompanying monograph"
Fakhreddin Azimi(Ph.D.) History UConn "The Ascendancy of Khomeini: Illusions of secularity and rise of political Islam"
Frank Costigliola (Ph.D.) History UConn "Kennan and Russia"
Martha J. Cutter (Ph.D.) English UConn "Picturing Slavery: Illustrated Books and the Visual Culture of the Transatlantic Abolition Movement, 1820-1855"
Jeffrey R. Dudas (Ph.D.) Political Science UConn "Regeneration through Rights: Law, Family, and the Making of Modern American Conservatism"
Fiona Somerset (Ph.D.) English UConn "The Implications of Consent"
Gordon Fraser (cand. Phil) English UConn "American Cosmologies: Race and Revolution in the Nineteenth Century"
Christina Henderson (cand. Phil) English UConn "Cities of the Future: Literary Utopias, World's Fairs, and the Making of American Progressivism"
Beata Moskal (cand. Phil) Linguistics UConn "Universals in Morphology and Morpho-Phonology"
Lucía García Santana (cand. Phil) Literatures, Cultures & Languages UConn "Transatlantic Intellectual Meridian: Spain in the Configuration of the Argentinean Field of Cultural Production"
Albakry, Mohammed (Ph.D.) English & Applied Linguistics Middle Tennessee State University “The Tahir Plays: Dramatic Texts from the Egyptian Revolution”
Nicola McDonald (Ph.D) Medieval Studies University of York, UK “Fictions of Audacity: Middle English Romance and the Medieval Imagination”
Baldwin, Peter C. (Ph.D.) History Uconn “Intimacy and Piety in Nineteenth Century New England: The Troubled Life of Samuel Edward Warren”
Dennis, Kelly (Ph.D.) Art History Uconn "Desert Exposures: Aesthetics and Politics in Postwar Arizona Highways Magazine and the West"
Greeley, Robin (Ph.D.) Art History Uconn “Between Campesino and State: Photography, Rurality and Modernity in 20th Century Mexico”
Gross, Robert (Ph.D.) History Uconn "The Transcendentalists and Their World"
Kneidel, Gregory (Ph.D.) English Uconn “Donne’s Satires and Early Modern Equity”
Hawk, Brandon (cand. Phil) Medieval Studies Uconn “Apocryphal Narratives in Old English Sermon Collections”
Hughes, Michael (cand. Phil) Philosophy Uconn “The Epistemic Roles of Formal Coherence”
Linker, Jessica (cand. Phil) History Uconn “‘It is my wish to behold Ladies among my hearers’: Early American Women and Scientific Practice, 1720-1860”
Willen, Sarah (Ph.D.) Anthropology Uconn "Renegade Moralities: “Illegality,” Exclusion, and Existential Struggle among African and Filipino Migrants in Israel"
Anderlini-D’Onofrio, Serena (Ph.D.) Italian & Cinema Studies University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez “Amorous Visions: Fluid Sexual Moments in Italian Cinema”
Yarrow, Simon (Ph.D.) Medieval History University of Birmingham, UK “A Cultural Ethnography of the Cult of Relics in Twelfth and Thirteenth Century England”
Bercaw Edwards, Mary K. (Ph.D.) English & Maritime Studies Uconn "Sailor Talk: Utterance, Labor, and Meaning in the Maritime World"
Macki Braconi, Adrienne (Ph.D.) Dramatic Arts Uconn “Staging Ground: Harlem’s Theatre, National Identity and Community, 1925–1948”
Burke, Mary (Ph.D.) English Uconn “'White Irish?' A Cultural History of the Scots-Irish"
Clark, Christopher (Ph.D.) History Uconn "The Age of Freehold: American Ideas about Land and Farming from the Revolution to the Cold War"
Colón Semenza, Gregory M. (Ph.D.) English Uconn “The History of British Literature on Film: 1895–2010”
Wogenstein, Sebastian (Ph.D.) Literatures, Cultures, and Languages Uconn “Prophets and Heretics: Human Rights and the German Literary Imagination”
Antonucci, Anthony (cand. Phil) History Uconn “Americans and the Mezzogiorno: United States Relations with the Regno delle Due Sicilie from Thomas Jefferson to Herman Melville, 1783–1861”
DeAngelo, Jeremy (cand. Phil) Medieval Studies Uconn “Proper Conduct: Good Journeys in the Literature of the Medieval North Atlantic”
Guijarro-Donadios, Antonio (cand. Phil) Literatures, Cultures, and Languages Uconn “‘Comical Spaces’: Everyday Practices in 17th-Century Urban Short Plays”
Isbell, Mary (cand. Phil) English Uconn "Amateurs: Home, Shipboard, and Public Theatricals in the Nineteenth Century"
Longo, Pamela (cand. Phil) Medieval Studies Uconn “As Olde Stories Tellen Us: Telling Tales and Framing Stories in Late Medieval Public Culture”
Meditz, Linda (cand. Phil) History Uconn “God’s Captive: Piety and Ministry in the Life and Diary of Stephen Williams”