Study Groups

UCHI Study Group Support

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UCHI offers the possibility for self-selected groups of about 4-10 faculty members (may include a couple of doctoral candidates) to organize workshops, seminars, and study groups. Participants will discuss readings and share their research. Funds to pay for reading materials, other meeting materials, and visits by regional scholars vary by the size and needs of the group, but typically range from $500 – $1,000.

Those interested in organizing a workshop, seminar, or study group should apply by submitting a two-page proposal. The following categories should be addressed in the body of the proposal:

  • Subject Area
  • Purpose of the workshop
  • Potential outcomes
  • List of program participants
  • Schedule
  • Budget (items may include: copying, book purchases, travel for visiting scholars, food expenses)

Email your proposal to or download a printable application (Adobe PDF or  Word document) and mail directly to the Institute. The UCHI will promptly address each proposal. Support is for one academic year; a report of the group’s accomplishments is due at the end of the academic year (May 15). To continue the Study Group, reapplication should be submitted in May for support in the following year.