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December 6, 2016. The Public Discourse Project Seminar: Lauren Barthold

Lauren Barthold Date: 12/6   Babbdige Library 4th floor room   4/209 meeting Title: Giving Birth in the Public Square: Dialogue as a Maieutic Practice If we are living in a “post-fact” age, and if deliberation relies on facts, how are we to conceive of public discourse? Must one either futilely shout the facts louder and louder or […]

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Get to Know Our Fellows: Four Questions with George Moore

-What is your academic background and what is your current position in UCHI/at UConn/Your Home Institution? I am a Ph.D. candidate in English at the University of Connecticut and a dissertation fellow at UCHI. I received my masters in English from UConn and my bachelor’s degree in English at Southern Connecticut State University. -What is the […]

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Get to Know Our Fellows: Four Questions with Leo Garofalo

-What is your academic background and what is your current position in UCHI/at UConn/Your Home Institution? I’m Leo Garofalo and I am associate professor of history at Connecticut College, and I teach Latin American history. My research is on the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries for not only colonial Latin America, in particular the Andes, but also […]

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Four members of the University of Connecticut Early Modern Studies community have been selected to participate in events at the Folger Institute in Washington, D.C. this Fall.

J. Asia Rowe (Ph.D. ’16, English) Hilary Bogert-Winkler (Ph.D. candidate, History) and J. Asia Rowe (Ph.D. ’16, English) are participating in the fall symposium, “Political Thought in Times Crisis, 1640-1660,” sponsored by the Folger Institute Center for the History of British Political Thought. This symposium will examine the British crisis of the mid-seventeenth century as […]

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About the UConn Humanities Institute

The University of Connecticut Humanities Institute (UCHI), founded in 2001, seeks to enhance research and creativity in the humanities, broadly defined. In particular, UCHI promotes the development and productivity of University of Connecticut faculty through its fellowship, seminar, and workshop programs, by bringing outside scholars and authors to Connecticut, and by its support for scholarly conferences and journals.

UCHI promotes student scholarship by the appointment of graduate and undergraduate fellows, and through advanced courses in humanities fields. UCHI also sponsors conferences, symposia, and lectures where the learning of the humanities can inform public issues.

By exploring the full range of humanistic inquiry and methodologies the UCHI calls attention to the many ways that scholarly advances in the humanities enrich general understanding of the human condition.

The application deadline from scholars for the Faculty Residential Fellowship program is January 15. Application materials can be found on the Faculty Residential Fellowships page.