UCHI Announces 2014-15 Fellowship Awards

The University of Connecticut Humanities Institute is pleased to announce its Fellowship Awards for 2014-15.

External Faculty Fellowships

  • Rachel L. Greenblatt, Harvard University, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations: ”A Beautiful and Costly Procession: Jewish Street in Imperial Celebration-Prague and Frankfurt Festivities on the Birth of a Habsburg Crown Prince (1716)”
  • Joseph McAlhany, Carthage College, Classics: “Language, Tradition, and the Scholar: The Fragments of Marcus Terentius Varro”

UConn Faculty Fellowships

  • Fakhreddin Azimi, History: “The Ascendancy of Khomeini: Illusions of Secularity and Rise of Political Islam”
  • Frank Costigliola, History: “Kennan and Russia”
  • Martha Cutter, English: “Picturing Slavery: Illustrated Books and the Visual Culture of the Transatlantic Abolition Movement, 1820-1855”
  • Jeffrey Dudas, Political Science: “Regeneration through Rights: Law, Family, and the Making of Modern American Conservatism”
  • Hassanaly Ladha, Literatures, Culture and Languages: “The Idea of Africa: Hegel, Architecture, and the Political Subject”
  • Fiona Somerset, English: “The Implications of Consent”

UConn Dissertation Fellowships:

  • Gordon Fraser, English: “American Cosmologies: Race and Revolution in the Nineteenth Century,” Draper Endowed Fellowship
  • Christina Henderson, English:“Cities of the Future: Literary Utopias, World’s Fairs, and the Making of American Progressivism,” Draper Endowed Fellowship
  • Beata Alexandra Moskal, Linguistics: “Universals in Morphology and Morpho-Phonology,” UCHI Dissertation Fellowship
  • Lucia I. Garcia Santana, Literatures, Culture and Languages: “Transatlantic Intellectual Meridian: Spain in the Configuration of the Argentinean Field of Cultural Production (1900-1950),” UCHI Dissertation Fellowship

We congratulate these outstanding scholars and wish them the best for their year at the Institute.