The University of Connecticut Humanities Institute is pleased to announce its Fellowship Awards for 2015-16:

External Faculty Fellowships

Peter Constantine         “Translation and annotation of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s autobiography Between the Millstones”                              

Joshua Schechter           “Reasoning and Rationality:  The Epistemology of our Most Basic Patterns of Inference”

UConn Faculty Fellowships  

César Abadía-Barrero “Health Ruins: From Post-Colonial to Post Neoliberal ‘Medical Care’ in Columbia”

Susan Einbinder          “Eleh Ezkerah:  Trauma and Medieval Jewish Literature”

Hassanaly Ladha           “The Idea of Africa: Hegel, Architecture, and the Political Subject”

Diane Lillo-Martin       “Sign Language Acquisition:  Archiving and Sharing”

Natalie Munro              “A 30,000 year history of human foraging and farming in the Aegean:  the view from Franchthi Cave, Greece”

Brad Simpson              “The First Right: Self Determination and the Transformation of International Politics”

Peter Zarrow                “The Utopian Impulse in Modern Chinese Political Thought, 1890-1940”           

Dissertation Fellowships

Joanna A. MacGugan    “Competing authorities and contested spaces:  Dying in Dublin in the reign of Edward I”

Christiana Salah             “The Popular Invention of the Victorian Governess, 1815-2015”

Draper Dissertation Fellowships

Hilary Bogert-Winkler   “Prayerful Protest and Clandestine Conformity:  Alternative Liturgies and the  Book of Common Prayer in Interregnum England”

Allison B. Horrocks         “The Family and the Home as the Nursery of Humanity”:  Flemmie Kittrell and the International Politics of Home Economics