Publishing NOW!

George Thompson, CLAS, Publisher-in-Residence
October 24-27, 2017 

George Thompson has been a professional editor since 1984, beginning his career at Johns Hopkins University Press as an acquisitions editor. At JHUP, George developed the geography and environmental studies list, including the “Creating the North American Landscape” series.  In 1990, George founded the Center for American Places, which he directed and served as publisher until November 2010, when he founded his own imprint. Books developed and published under George’s care have won more than 100 book awards, honors, and prizes, including best-book recognition in 31 academic fields.  George is also the editor, co-editor or author of five books of his own and has served as publisher-in-residence at a number of universities. More information is available here 

If you would like to meet with George during his visit, please contact Maria Shah ( 860-486-2713 in the CLAS Dean’s Office to schedule an appointment.

Appointment times are listed in Google Docs at: