You SHOULD…Confront Racism in the Digital Realm

“You Should…Confront Racism in the Digital Realm”


A teach-in moderated by Professor Anke Finger and featuring Professors Kelly Dennis, Anne Mae Duane, Bhakti Shringarpure and Ph.D. candidate Matt Guariglia.


The “You Should…” pulls from a new program UCHI started to make the humanities more personal and urgent ( and “Confront Racism” is the theme of the Metanoia this year.


Join us for a dialogue about social media activism/racism (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and online racism, online activism and connections to civil responsibility, courage, and action— basically the potential and pitfalls, in other words, of our life online. How does one recognize and take action against racism online? Are there tools or methods that have been effective? Can we use social media for cultural change?


Nov 8, noon – 2pm, UCHI Conference Room


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