Daniel Hershenzon and Jonathan Bobaljik 2018 NEH Award Winners

Daniel Hershenzon and Jonathan Bobaljik
Two UConn Humanities Former Fellows
2018 NEH Award Winners

Project Director: Daniel Hershenzon
[Summer Stipends]
Project Title: Jewish Manuscripts in the Early Modern Mediterranean: Between Piracy, Redemption, and the Spanish Inquisition
Project Description: Research leading to publication of a book-length study of religious artifacts and piracy in the early modern western Mediterranean.

Project Director: Jonathan Bobaljik
[Documenting Endangered Languages – Preservation]
Project Title: Bogoraz’s Itelmen Notebooks
Project Description: The digitization, transcription, and transliteration of Vladimir Bogoraz’s handwritten notebooks of Itelmen language-related material. Published in hard copy and online with an introduction and linguistic commentary, the material would be made freely available and would supplement an Itelmen dictionary currently in development.


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