Manuela Wagner

A Forum Discussion – March 23, 2016. 2-4pm / Oak 408 / University of Connecticut

Intercultural Literature Citizenship and Public Discourse.


With Stefan Hermes / Eleni Coundouriotis / Manuela Wagner / Anke Finger

What role, if any, does intercultural communication (in literature, applied linguistics, human rights, media studies) play in public discourse? The goal of this forum discussion is to bring intercultural communication research from various disciplines together to debate notions of diversity in public discourse. The four participants present their work and offer tools with which to (better) engage in dialogs on cultural, religious, and ethnic differences. How can we work with new models to address silent or complex issues? How can we encourage bystanders to participate in public discourse by drawing from a range of communicative tools and intercultural and human rights perspectives?

Sponsored by LCL, the PDP/UCHI and Global Affairs