2020–2021: A Year in Review

UCHI 2020–21: A Year in Review

How do you measure a year on Zoom?


Number of virtual events: 31 webinars and 2 workshops

Total webinar attendance: 1520

Number of countries attendees zoomed in from: 30

Events interrupted by technical difficulties: 1


Pie chart showing fellows' self-reported estimated screen time per day. 4-6 hours: 26.7%; 6–8 hours: 26.7%; 8-10 hours: 40%; 10+ hours: 6.7%

Percentage of fellows who spend 8-10 hours looking at screens each day: 40

Average number of hours our fellows spent on Zoom/Webex/etc in a week: 7.4

Average attendance at fellows’ talks: 49

Largest audience for a fellow’s talk: 100

Percentage of fellows who completed 20–30% of their projects during the fellowship year: 60

Percentage of fellows who completed more than 30% of their projects during the fellowship year: 33.3

Pie chart showing fellows' self-reported estimated percentage of project completed during the fellowship year. 10-20% completed, 6.7%; 20–30% completed, 60%; more than 30% completed, 33.3%

Journal articles published or forthcoming: 9

Revised book manuscripts completed: 2

Poems published or forthcoming: 4

Fellowships awarded: 2

Literary agents acquired: 1

Percentage of fellows who are most looking forward to visiting freely with family and friends in a post-pandemic world: 40

Percentage of fellows who are especially excited to go to a museum or gallery after the pandemic: 20

Pie chart showing fellows' answers to the question "Of the options below, what are you especially excited to do in a post pandemic world?" Visit freely with family and friends: 40%; Eat in a restaurant: 0%; Go to the movies: 0%; Attend a live performance (a play, concert, etc.): 13.3%; Travel: 20%; Go to a museum, art gallery, or a similar cultural institution: 20%; host a gathering in your home: 6.7%

Number of applications for the 2021–22 Visiting Humanities Fellowship: 142

Number of 2021–22 Visiting Humanities Fellows: 2

Number of incoming 2021–22 fellows: 15

UCHI across campus

Number of active working groups: 9

Book support awards given: 5

Conferences, colloquia, and speakers funded: 17

Sharon Harris Book Award winners: 1 (plus an honorable mention)

UCHI on the Internet

Number of videos posted to YouTube: 19

Podcast episodes released: 7

Podcast episodes remaining in the Future of Truth season: 3

Number of tweets tweeted from @UCHI_UConn: 736

New England Humanities Consortium

New member institutions added to the current 11 institutions: 3

Projected participation in the Faculty of Color Working Group’s upcoming symposium: 57 (up from ~30 of the first symposium)

Active NEHC-funded collaborative projects: 7

What did our fellows and former fellows accomplish this year?

They published monographs: Mary K. Bercaw Edwards, Robert T. Chase, Alea Henle, Tracy Llanera, Jeremy PressmanPeter Zarrow
—-Forthcoming: Martha J. Cutter, The Many Resurrections of Henry Box Brown (University of Pennsylvania Press, March 2022), Jonathan Robins, Lani Watson

And edited collections: Asha Bhandary, Robert T. Chase, Rebecca Ruth Gould, Joseph Ulatowski
—-Forthcoming: Anke Finger, Robin Greeley

They published journal articles and book chapters: Alexander Anievas (plus these), Asha Bhandary, Rebecca Ruth Gould (these too), Jessica Linker, Jonathan Robins, Helen Rozwadowski (one more), Sara Silverstein, Nu-Anh Tran, Joseph Ulatowski (and a few more)
—-Forthcoming: Sean Frederick Forbes, “An Afro-Latino’s Poetic and Creative Hungers,” in Latinx Poetics Anthology, eds. Natalie Scenters-Zapico and Ruben Quesada (University of New Mexico Press, Spring 2021)

Reviews: Asha Bhandary, Sara Silverstein

Magazine articles: Scott Wallace (another, plus one in Mizzou Magazine, Spring 2021), Dimitris Xygalatas

And poetry: Kerry Carnahan (two more)
—-Forthcoming: Sean Frederick Forbes, Kerry Carnahan (a chapbook from Lettuce Run Books entitled “The Experience of Being a Cathedral”), Amanda Crawford (“Golden Grass,” in New Square Literary Magazine, Spring 2021)

They created digital projects: Asha Bhandary, Sarah Willen

Gave interviews: Andrea Celli, Sean Frederick Forbes, Rebecca Ruth Gould, Scott Wallace, Dimitris Xygalatas (plus these)

And talks: Sean Frederick Forbes, Rebecca Ruth Gould (plus this one), Joseph Ulatowski (this too), Scott Wallace (and more)

Did readings: Sean Frederick Forbes (and these too)

Were profiled in magazines and newspapers: Scott Wallace, Sarah Willen

Signed with literary agents: Amanda Crawford

Co-directed a summer institute: Mary K. Bercaw Edwards

They started or accepted new jobs: Jessica Linker

And fellowships: Nathan Braccio, Nicole Breault (plus this), Daniel Hershenzon, Jessica Linker, Debapriya Sarkar, Joseph Ulatowski (2021–22 Karol Wojtyla-Pope St John Paul II visiting residential fellow at the St John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin)

Won awards or grants: Jessica Linker (and this), Aimee Loiselle, Margo L. Machida, Sarah Willen (and more)

And were awarded tenure and/or promotion: Andrea Celli, Brendan Kane, Jeremy Pressman, Lynne Tirrell, and Michael E. Nagle

Congrats, all!