Publishing NOW 2021–2022

We have an amazing line-up of Publishing NOW events this year. Check out all of them below.

9/27 at 4:00pm: Bhakti Shringarpure and Grégory Pierrot on how to start a new book series and how to write for one.
10/6 at 2:00pm: Matthew Mroz on how to apply for a UConn internal grant, humanities-style.
11/1 at 4:00pm: Susan Herbst on publishing about politics after (?) Trump.
12/1 at 1:00pm: How to publish for the public, featuring editors from Lapham’s Quarterly, Public Books, and the Conversation.
1/31 at 4:00pm: Lewis Gordon on how to write about race now.
3/23 at 1:00pm: Leah Pennywark (University of Minnesota Press) on how to work with an academic press.