The Political Theory Workshop Announces 2022–23 Speakers

In 2022–23, the Political Theory Workshop will be hosting the following speakers. More information will be posted about each talk as it is available.

September 19th, 12:15-1:30p.m., Oak 438/Zoom
“The Coloniality of Happiness”
Dana Miranda, Philosophy, UMass Boston
Commentator: August Shipman, Political Science

October 17th, 12:15-1:30p.m., Oak 438/Zoom
“Seeing Like an Activist”
Erin Pineda, Government, Smith College
Commentator: Bianka Adamatti, Political Science

November 14th, 12:15-1:30p.m., Oak 438/Zoom
“Liberatory Intellectual Virtues and Education”
Heather Muraviov, Philosophy, UConn
Commentator: Brooks Kirchgassner, Political Science

January 30th, 12:15-1:30p.m., Oak 438/Zoom
“Theorizing Racial Caste with W.E.B. Du Bois”
Hari Ramesh, Government, Wesleyan University
Commentator: Altan Atamer, Political Science

February 20th, 12:15-1:30p.m., Oak 438/Zoom
“Political disorientation, legibility, and trumpism”
Roberto Alejandro, Political Science, UMass Amherst
Commentator: Justin Theodra, Political Science

March 27th, 12:15-1:30p.m. p.m., Oak 438/Zoom
“Caribbean Anticolonial Thought”
Aaron Kamugisha, Africana Studies, Smith College
Commentator: San Lee, Political Science

April 25th, 12:00-1:30p.m. Zoom (only)
“The Enlightenment-Era ‘Kindness Wars’ and the Political Theory of Jean-Jacques Rousseau”
Noel Cazenave, Sociology and Philosophy, UConn
Commentator: Michael Morrell, Political Science