Humanities LIVED – You SHOULD

 Should—the word has a hint of urgency, a bit of bossiness, and even a dash of guilt.
Here, it is mostly a suggestion about something that inspired passion. Thus, you really should.

Every few weeks UCHI will interview a member of the UConn faculty or staff who will offer a recommendation of a book, film, piece of music,
podcast, or other inspiring work in the humanities that should be consumed far and wide. Our series is part of a new initiative, HUMANITIES LIVED,
a project created to communicate the value the humanities provide beyond academia: the value of living enriched and inspired.

Fall 2018



"Look At: Pincushions” - Cathy J. Schlund-Vials

"Read: The Sand Queen" - Christine Sylvester

"Read:Orwell, Leopold, and Teale" - Kent E. Holsinger

"Watch: Diary of a Student Revolution"- Graham Stinnett

"See: A Taxi Driver" - Alexis Dudden

"Walk: Around Alexander Calder’s Stegosaurus"-Dr. Amanda A. Douberley

"Read: Ready, Player One" - Susanna Cowan

"Listen: to Running for the Drum" - Barbara Gurr

"Read: The Anatomy of Fascism" - Christopher Vials

"Read and Listen: Teaching Community" - Mark Overmyer-Velázquez

"Hear: Songs in the Key of Life" - Jeffrey O.G. Ogbar

"See: Moonlight" - Melina Pappademos





You SHOULD…Watch: Now Those Days Are Gone

  “This beautifully detailed work of art measures three and half feet tall and fourteen feet long, using thousands of shells to depict the USS Kansas. The Kansas was a Connecticut-Class Battleship built in New Jersey and launched in 1905 to become a part of the, so called, Great White Fleet. This fleet, order by President […]

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You SHOULD…Read: If Beale Street Could Talk

  “You should read James Baldwin’s 1974 novel If Beale Street Could Talk and view Barry Jenkins’s 2018 film adaptation of Baldwin’s novel.   A deeply affecting love story, Baldwin’s novel centers on a young couple, Tish and Fonny. When the novel opens, Fonny is in jail accused of a crime he did not commit […]

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You SHOULD…Watch: The Movies of Feng Xiaogang

  “For more than two decades, the movies of veteran Chinese filmmaker Feng Xiaogang entertained the Chinese-speaking world. He created a new genre of commercially successful Chinese New Year Celebration Films (Hesui Pian). Newsweek called him the Chinese Steven Spielberg, but he does not easily fit into any classification. His movies, unlike Hollywood productions, are […]

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