Humanities LIVED – You SHOULD

 Should—the word has a hint of urgency, a bit of bossiness, and even a dash of guilt.
Here, it is mostly a suggestion about something that inspired passion. Thus, you really should.

Every few weeks UCHI will interview a member of the UConn faculty or staff who will offer a recommendation of a book, film, piece of music,
podcast, or other inspiring work in the humanities that should be consumed far and wide. Our series is part of a new initiative, HUMANITIES LIVED,
a project created to communicate the value the humanities provide beyond academia: the value of living enriched and inspired.

Fall 2018



"Look At: Pincushions” - Cathy J. Schlund-Vials

"Read: The Sand Queen" - Christine Sylvester

"Read:Orwell, Leopold, and Teale" - Kent E. Holsinger

"Watch: Diary of a Student Revolution"- Graham Stinnett

"See: A Taxi Driver" - Alexis Dudden

"Walk: Around Alexander Calder’s Stegosaurus"-Dr. Amanda A. Douberley

"Read: Ready, Player One" - Susanna Cowan

"Listen: to Running for the Drum" - Barbara Gurr

"Read: The Anatomy of Fascism" - Christopher Vials

"Read and Listen: Teaching Community" - Mark Overmyer-Velázquez

"Hear: Songs in the Key of Life" - Jeffrey O.G. Ogbar

"See: Moonlight" - Melina Pappademos





You SHOULD…See: Moonlight

  “So intimate is moonlight reflected on still water that this spare, deeply moving film appropriately bears the name. Moonlight won a Golden Globe for Best Picture, an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, and was the second lowest-grossing film in history to win an Oscar for Best Picture, its all-black, mostly unknown cast beating out favored La La Land starring Ryan Gosling and […]

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You SHOULD…Hear: Songs in the Key of Life

  “You should hear Songs in the Key of Life, by Stevie Wonder. In 1975, Wonder had considered leaving the music industry, moving to Ghana and working with children with disabilities. At only 25 years old, he had already released 17 albums, sold millions, and won dozens of awards, including Grammys for Album of the […]

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You SHOULD…Read and Listen: Teaching Community

  “You should have a reading and listening jam session, engaging bell hooks’ Paulo Freirean-inspired critiques of structures and systems of power in Teaching Community: A Pedagogy of Hope (2003) while absorbing the liberatory sounds of the Wynton Marsalis Quintet’s “Free to Be” (2004). In ensemble, these two works offer at once intensely personal and […]

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