Humanities LIVED – You Should

Should—the word has a hint of urgency, a bit of bossiness, and even a dash of guilt. Here, it is mostly a suggestion about something that inspired passion. Thus, you really should.


Every few weeks UCHI will interview a member of the UConn faculty or staff who will offer a recommendation of a book, film, piece of music, podcast, or other inspiring work in the humanities that should be consumed far and wide.
Our series is part of a new initiative, HUMANITIES LIVED, a project created to communicate the value the humanities provide beyond academia: the value of living enriched and inspired.

You SHOULD…Watch Battlestar Galactica

  You should… sample widely.  More on this in a second, but if I have to foreground a single recommendation it’s this: the new Battlestar Galactica (2004-2009). In some of the tightest, most compelling storytelling I’ve ever seen on film, this series asks profound questions about belief, belonging, sentience, servitude, family, survival, politics, power, responsibility, […]

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You SHOULD: Listen to Three Soundtracks By Jennifer Lease Butts

I confess I have procrastinated with this assignment, though I was excited and honored to be asked. I’ve felt squeamish sharing what you “should” listen to or look at or read. I realized my reaction comes from two places. First, I typically seek recommendations rather than give them. Second, as someone with a doctorate in […]

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You SHOULD…Read:The Outermost House by Matthew McKenzie

  People should read, or re-read, Henry Beston’s 1928 classic, The Outermost House. Set among the dunes of outer Cape Cod, Beston’s essay traces a year of changing seasons, visiting coastal species, and mild reflections on modern life. Since its publication, the book has emerged as a principle contribution to the canon of American nature […]

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You SHOULD…Read: The Adivasi Will Not Dance By Debanuj DasGupta

You must read The Adivasi Will Not Dance, a collection of ten short stories by Hansda Sowendra Shekhar, winner of the Sahitya Akademi Yuva Puraskar, 2015 (The National India Academy of Letters Award, 2015). Shekhar collected stories of Santhal tribes (scheduled tribes of India are pre-nation state indigenous communities) while working as a medical officer […]

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You SHOULD…Confront Racism in the Digital Realm

“You Should…Confront Racism in the Digital Realm”   A teach-in moderated by Professor Anke Finger and featuring Professors Kelly Dennis, Anne Mae Duane, Bhakti Shringarpure and Ph.D. candidate Matt Guariglia.   The “You Should…” pulls from a new program UCHI started to make the humanities more personal and urgent ( and “Confront Racism” is the […]

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You SHOULD….Listen…and also read by Bhakti Shringarpure

I’m almost always more comfortable laying down the law on what you should NOT be doing so I’m glad to dig deep and find my inner positivity. The should-LISTEN these days is the Politically Re-active podcast series with comedians W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu. They talk to writers, professors and activists and its all a […]

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You SHOULD…Go on Holiday By Kristin Eshelman

Holiday was created in 1946 for “a world in which recreation will be more important to everyone than ever before – more important in this busier world of new stresses and strains because more and more doctors are prescribing escape, and travel, and fun.”  For three decades, the travel magazine promoted the advice of neurologist […]

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Humanities LIVED – You Should…Listen

    You have to listen to Sarah Jarosz performing her song “Annabelle Lee.”  Jarosz is a 26-year-old superstar in what I suppose you could call “roots” music; she plays just about every instrument but I’m blown away by her banjo playing. The lyrics for Annabelle Lee are adapted from Edgar Allan Poe’s last poem, […]

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